KS: First Amendment Law: Cultural and Legal Implications

Datum a čas konání: út 2.4.2013, 20:00, stránka akce na facebooku
Místo konání: Kavárna U Chlupatýho ducha
Typ akce: Kavárenské semináře (zobrazit více)

Next Tuesday on April 2nd 2013, Mr. Sean Davidson will deliver a lecture on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution concerning freedom of speech. On examples of relating case law, audience will get an insight into the matter and be able to discuss its legal implications and cultural differences.

Sean Davidson is a teacher at the Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Law in Prague and leads a specialized courses on the respective First Amendment Law. So our Coffee House Seminar may serve the attendees as a sample of the substance and then they can decide whether they want to expend their knowledge through two semestral courses at the Faculty.

Please notice that the evening will be held in English.

We are looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday at U Chlupatýho ducha.

Foto & video z akce:

KS: First Amendment Law: Cultural and Legal Implications
Přidáno 3.4.2013 / Celkem 17 fotek

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